the lentils - "11 new flavors of oblivion and why the shining ones dont want you to know about them"

stand out pop gut romp continues with this new tape - after countless releases on feeding tube, faux pas, spook town, etc. etc. formerly known as the happy jawbone family luke has taken the helm for the most part, and joining him are like-minded loons who slap-happy the song and make for heartfelt quirk and charm that stems back into some realm - - a 60s / 70s vibe is curated, but they challenge the listener to think for themselves. pretty perfect. co-released with death records, we destroyed the cover art, and drew all over it. un-limited edition, with digital download.

SIDE A : pity kisses / the loaves of oblivion / rosalyn / crow physics / secret beer / i belong in buffalo springfield

SIDE B : my mentor's microphone / the paradigms of plenty / the bed's not that simple / another placebo please (take two) / you were a clue (chris wiseman cover)